Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, October 28, 2012

Hey everyone, welcome to another day here in Nicaragua. Brian here, bringing the report to you this sunny Sunday. Waves dropped off quite a bit from yesterday, only about waist to chest high, and steady offshore winds with a super low tide this morning. The swell was weak and a bit disorganized with a lot of rip current but a few corners managed to squeeze through. Check it out!

Low tide session anyone? I paddled out early and surfed by myself for an hour and it seemed like the tide wasn't moving at all.

Had a few old guys that walked down the beach and paddled out and then this little grom paddled and made them feel even older. Shred it grommie!

You gotta give to these guys though, if you can still go over the falls and paddled back out when you over 50, they're stoked to be in the water either way!

I know i mentioned the tide was low, this gives you a better perspective. Super dredging! Should've waited for this one buddy.

Nice day to take the kids down to the beach. Plenty of room to dig to China with the low tide.

Pulled back view of a nice empty right. Not too many people in the water today, get out there while you can.

Small but fun, sometimes you don't need a big swell to have a good session. Just you and few of your friends and fun surf.

Well that's it for today folk, keep an eye on the forecast, might have a little pulse towards the middle of next week. At least we have good weather and offshore winds, and it's not completely flat. So get off the computer and go surf! Hasta manana amigos!