Nicaragua Surf Report for Monday, October 17, 2016

Hi there!!!. I don't expect the onshore wind, but we have one more day with onshore this year. Well we have a peak with good waves. With a offshore wind this peak probably could be on fire today, but here we are surfing, so everything keep right!!!.

The take of was easy in almost every wave and the surfers were having fun with the waves, so that mean no was a bad day.

Many waves look like they are going to close, but the wave keep their shape because there is a good channel formed with the sandbar.

Here is the size of the biggest wave in the set. No body take this wave from the main peak. But in the corner of this wave there is a surfer trying to catch the wave. Who is?.

Wow, was Parker and check it out that monster cut.... Looks like a boat with a 75 HP pass over that wave making a big spray.

And here is Todd represent to Ocean Beach, CAL. I see him catching one of the best left and here is riding one of the best right of the afternoon session. After some of the good waves he was so happy, ready to take a break and wait for one more session in the sunset time.

The wave don't look to heavy, but there is a board broken. This beach is powerful after four feet high, so probably the set made this.

The waves not wear too long, so after the drop was necessary made a turn. Here are some of the best turn of today.

Here is a back side cut. The waves still strong for shortboard and the swell looks the same size to the next days.

We are foumous to have one of the best wave in the world with barrels, but when we not have heavy barrels there are a lot of sections to made tricks. I like this type of waves with a ramp to made a lot of diferent kind of tricks. We see what this surfer is thinking to do.

Well, he deside to made a air, he dosent fall this one, but this wave keep working with the same shape, so he will have more oportunities to try some more airs. Hopefully he land one before he lieve our country. Have fun and see you tomorrow, Armando Lopez is out.