Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, October 16, 2016

Hello and good sunday to everybody!!!. Here we are in another day in the paradise!!!. There are a lot of good waves with a A frame, four feet high, lefts and rights. Was a really beautifull morning, just check it out.

The color of the water is super clear, is like a be surfing in a swimming pool. This peak have the most part of the crew because was breaking super!!.

This is the view from the beach club. This month is giving a lot smile to us, because we are surfing with no crowd and we see all are friends in the water, sharing waves. So chido,,....

There are two peaks working with thirty meters far one from the other, but they were ending in this session and some surfers were making some sick turns over there.

The offshore wind is so nice right this days. The few visitors in the line up are experimenteing in this conditions to do some tricks, so not there are to many good tricks to show you because they fell in almost every wave : /

Here is a good one. This right was good to made a late back or round houses. The size of the waves is friendly and there are three peaks working good. What a good day.

This little right in the north peak was small, but was breaking on the shallow sand bank during the low tide coming in, check the next shot.

Shiuuuu a little shack to this surfer. The swell is small, but is a combo of two direction,so the waves is bending with a angle to the beach making this type of corners.

No too many people was looking this left, but here is Oscar making a turn in the right place of the wave.

And here is Lester coming back to the line after get a lot speed to this turn. This month is already in the half and we can say the waves are good like the year before and there are three more days like this in the forcast.

Here is one of the sick trick of the morning. This tricks looks simple, but if you realise the trick with a lot speed and good technique, the fins of the board make you feel the energy of the turn.

Here are two of my good friends coming to the beach. Mr. Peter Kerson and Dwigth. We were killing the waves for an hour. The sunset session will be good and the boleyball in the beach club too, so see you in the beach. Armando Lopez is out.