Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, October 17, 2014

Hello friends. The offshore wind comeback and little perfects waves made everybody jumping to the water. After the first surfer in the water start catching waves, no body can wait to go surf too.

Chocoyo was suffering, working in front the waves.

And more pain after to saw Oscar making this cut. The wave was coming constant and the crowd were so friendly. Everybody was enjoying the beautiful condition.

Las olas eran divertidos, Tres pico estamos trabajando, así como una veintena de personas compartiendo olas.

So hard to work watching waves when you are a surfer. Is more heavy to all that's stones together.

The corners in the rights were good for turns, The waves were only like three feet high but give you good speed.

Lindsay get the biggest wave, uuu uuu overhead, she was surfing with her husband Seth and his good friend Robert. Was good to see you out there guys.

Ok. Chocoyo can't wait any  more. Throw down the shovel and decided to go get his surfboard, which one of his friends was using. This gesture meant, bring me my board I'm going to the water.

Hey, I either can't wait to finish take a photo and go get my surfboard.

This was a really fun day for making cuts. I was surfing without leash because the waves was so easy to catch and perfect to don't lost the surfboard.

Robert in his easy rider style. The rights were long nice for used a longboard.

I think Chocoyo be fired for dereliction of duty. Again.

Ok. amigos we go surf again. I hope your can do too. See you tomorrow in other surf report. Armando Lopez is out.