Nicaragua Surf Report for Monday, October 17, 2011

What is up folks?  This is Lucha Libre Garcia posting a couple of shots in for our Monday report.  Today we snapped a couple shots in the bay of San Juan del Surf, once again.  Last night it rained a lot and we had quite a few during the day, the winds are still pretty strong onshore and all the locals keep ripping out there.  Check out the lineup!!!

The day was not hot at all, and the water is not clear to spend the day on the beach but even with the conditions we have there is still people hanging on the beach.  Check out this crew having fun, and ready to go for a swim. 

Let’s take it to the action now, and a little Spanish too.  This is La Aguadita with a small floater on this little nugget. 
Vamos a la accion ahora, y un poco de espanol tambien.  Este es La Aguadita con un pequeño flotador en esta pequeña olita.

Do you guys want to learn a little bit more?  Check out Sean a few steps from the lineup with that huge boat in the background.
Ustedes chicos quieren aprender un poco mas?  Miren a Sean unos pocos pasos de el oleaje con ese bote inmenso en el fondo.

Gerson “El Botetas” Ramos decided to stay out of the water today and he went out for a ride on his skate board.  Here he is having a blast on it!

Meanwhile, Larry “Carita de Venado” Davila is loving the conditions we have out there.  He loves to surf out front because he gets able to put on his own show.  Here he is trying to get some speed in the inside.

We’ve been taking every sort of rides to the beach, during the last few days.  This is the one we took today.  Thanks for the ride to the beach folks!

The last action shot of the day goes to La Bestiia Calderon working on his backside.  We are hoping to have better conditions by the end of the week and we might get the offshore winds back as well. 

We are missing this pal so much, the last time we saw its shine was last week but we are not complaining because we’ve had so many killer sunsets during the whole year that it is pretty hard to remember how many.  Maybe around 250 out of 290 days of this year so far.  Please check back tomorrow!!!