Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, October 17, 2015

Hola primos and bienvenidos to the weekend surf report with Parker! We recevied another dumping of rain last night so the onshores were blowing. Check out a few surf shots and one of our sick rental properties!

Onshore, offshore, no wind... you can find Lesther surfing. He puts on a show in any condition.

He's also been putting that Shapeshifter to good use! Whether he is jumping between sections or riding the tube, his board is ready for every type of surfing.

A couple of the waves had a cleaner face. Last night, we received about two inches of rain. As a result, the onshores blew through the night but calmed down for the morning session.

There is still some size out there! This set brought in a decent shoulder high wave. For zero crowds, I'll take an onshore breeze.

Some local town folk from Santa Marta didn't mind the breeze or clouds. They were splashing around and enjoying their weekend!

I heard NSR's Hypto Krypto has special powers that help you fly through the air? Combine that with the onshores and you'll be stomping everything!

It looks like the swell will be staying around chest/shoulder high for a couple days. However, a new storm is coming in mas o menos a week.

Rancho del Mar is a sweet rental property that hasn't been booked for Thanksgiving yet. It is nestled in the jungle for privacy, yet it is still close to the surf break and Beach Club. Check out some of the shots!

By the way, the couch is dangerously comfortable. After a surf session, I recommend not sitting in it because you will not get out for at least 2 hours. The only thing that motivates me to get up is Maria's awesome cooking!

When larger groups or families come to visit, this is an attractive option. I may not be 5 years old but I still enjoy that pool like a kid...

But here is my favorite part! To avoid the mid day sessions, sun, and heat, we relax on palapa. Crack a cold Tona, grab that rocking chair, and turn on the music and you will enjoy your afternoon! Look at our website for more photos of this beautiful house. In the meantime, it's lunch time down here!! Thank you all for checking out the report. Adios amigos!!