Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, October 16, 2021

Hola and welcome back to the Saturday Surf report from your best buds down here on the Emerald Coast of Nicaragua. We've got some glassy morning waves and a bit of an offshore flow which is a nice switch up from the slight onshore flow we have had over the last handful of days. The waves were playful and fun this morning with the occasional bigger set rolling through as well. Come check it out!

Jack cruising the line on a nice peeler of a wave as he waves his hand to the rest of the lineup saying hello or goodbye as he cruises on by.

Some frothy waves out there waiting to be ripped apart and this fellow does just that.

Lucas finding some time to get out in the water and catch a few fun ones before heading back in to get some work done on land.

Grom shredder Miley.. (sorry if I spelled that wrong) all smiles as she gets ready to paddle out.

Wasting no time at all she is up and riding right away and staying stoked on this trip to Nica while somebody launches in the background.

Elvin throwing some serious spray out the back like he typically does when he is out there handling business.

Sharing is caring right!?! Especially when your splitting A-frames like this!

Nano charging on some of the bigger set waves that were occasionally pulsing through the lineup this morning.

Another gentleman that was charging out there today.. unfortunately he had to pay the Colorado tax today in the form of a broken board.

Nano again showing he's got the skills not only to find some cover in the tubes but also with the rail game as he lays down a nice roundhouse cutback on this one.

Nathan had an early morning session and then a nice walk on the beach with Taylor enjoying the show the surfers are putting on out in the water and soaking up the sun.

Started to get some darker clouds rolling in above but the wind was light so the waves were glass and so pretty look at this gem here.

Marina after walking the dog got out in the water and scored some sick waves!

Tube hunting and smacking the lip, these are two of her favorite things.

I spy with my little eye another SurfNSR all-star there goes Baldo cruising it on his fish board looking for some fun ones this morning and safe to say he found some fun ones! Yeah buddy!

John showed up at the end of my photo session but he proceeded to make a couple of highlights in no time at all.

Quick one two for the young man as he shows how it's done! Sick ones bro!

Gotta say the winner of the heat is Hayden finding some tubes and combos it up with a nice off the lip (not shown) lol he was scoring and has been scoring some sick waves lately.. looking good out there my dude!

Okay ya'll another beautiful morning at the beach, it looks like some clouds were rolling in but it may stay nice out throughout the day as the offshore winds were blowing the dark clouds out past us and it looks like blue skies are on the way. Make sure you run on down to the beach and check it out there have been some really fun waves out there and a nice mix for all skill levels too so grab a friend and get out there! Have a great weekend and we'll see you back this way tomorrow. Until then take it easy..