Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, October 15, 2021

Hey folks how you doin?! This morning was a fun window for the surf as it was nice and glassy out and although the size has started to fade there is still plenty of energy in the water and if you got out before the onshore started then you're a happy camper because it was super fun out there.

Nathan just got in town a couple of days ago and I'm sure he is stoked on the early morning session today.

I think it would be safe to say that he was flying high on the stoke-o-meter this morning.

Chris has been doing some surf guiding for some of our guests in the community and looks like today was a stay in the hood and surf our home break kinda morning.

I would say it was the most crowded lineup we've had in a month or so.. about 20 people out spread along the couple of peaks that were working this morning.

Austin keeps busy out there and on the V-Ball court as well, here he is putting a capital S on the Steezy gauge.

Jack is staying in one of our Rancho Santana properties but wanted to surf Colorado this morning so we got him through the security so he could enjoy a dawn patrol session over here with us and his son out there too.

Here is Cam trading waves with his pops, yeah buddy!!

Some of my favorite people heading out to catch some waves, Nano and the childrens heading out to get their share.

Grom surf session has begun!! With the fisherman in the background pulling out some treasure of the sea as the surfers enjoy some fun waves.

Rick knows life is all about balance and here he is displaying that expert level balance as a left goes peeling off behind him.

This little dude has a great attitude and has been charging these waves out front.. when you grow up in Hawaii it must be second nature to be out in the ocean shredding up waves that are bigger than you.

Family surf session!!! The forecast is looking good for family surf sessions over the next week or so.

Hayden laying down some serious rail game and making it look smooth and creamy like some Skippy peanut butter.

Super fun and playful waves out there this morning.. it started to blow some onshore wind as I was wrapping it up but the crowd was thinning out too and you never know if you roll the dice you could get lucky so still worth a paddle out in my opinion.

Ignacio has been dealing with a slight injury over the last couple of weeks but looks like he was feeling pretty good on this one!

Talking about feeling pretty good, this newcomer to the community Synergia Juice will be making you feel pretty damn good after you take some swigs of it's natural and super flavorful nutritious juice. Available at the Anahata house cruise by and check them out. As always I'm stoked to bring you a little taste of the waves from today and a little bit of happenings in the Hacienda Iguana hood here. I'll be back tomorrow with another dose of mind medicine for you manana. Take it easy my friends! See you tomorrow