Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, October 14, 2021

Good morning world! Welcome back to the daily surf report from your friends here in Nicaragua at SurfNSR, the wind has been onshore for a couple of days which has been putting a bit of a damper on this recent swell. That being said there is still lots of energy in the water and compared to lots of places in the world it is good, it's just us lucky enough to live here that look and think.. well it's not perfect lol oh how spoiled we are. Take a look and see what you think.

Lots of current in the water and a couple of rips out there but plenty of waves to be shared and a lineup of 10 people or so means plenty of waves for everybody.

There weren't too many barrels as the wind was already going onshore and that was creating a bit more of a crumbly cookie wave but here and there you'd find some cover.

Jeison throwing some serious buckets of water out the back hitting the lip, glad to see he is recovering from his foot injury and is back out there ripping it up.

The tide was high when I was down there shooting and yet still the wave is sucking sand off the bottom with it's extreme wave energy.

This dude has been catching all kinds of waves over the last few days and may even be the star of a surf documentary coming out soon-ish..

Crank that turn and splash your buddy as he waits for the next one to come through.

Talk about cranking some cutbacks this dude knows what I'm talking about.

To go for the barrel or to not go for the barrel, that is the question. I think this dude made the right call on this one.. and look at how clear that water is you can see the dude duckdiving this one like looking through a window pane.

Jeison knows how to handle a close out section in front of him.. smacking the sh** out of it that's how.

My buddy was shooting photos next to me but didn't have his camera ready for this shot and said "That's gonna be a good one!" I agree, that was a good one.

Okay ya'll thank you for coming by and checking out some shots from this morning high tide surf session before the wind started whipping around too much. Gotta get it in early if you want to surf for the next couple of days a it looks like the onshore flow will persist until Sunday maybe. We get 300+ offshore days a year, looks like we are getting a handful of those other 50-65 days a year this week. It is easy to forget how lucky we are living here and getting to score those 300+ days a year but it's the rainy days or the downs that make the ups and the offshore days that allow us to remember how good we have it. Hope to see you down here soon! Until then we'll keep you posted on the daily life in Southern Nicaragua. Stay Psyched and keep frothing for surf like we do.. Hasta Luego my friends.