Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, October 15, 2016

Hello Primos!!!. I can't believe this month is good like the year before. Every day we are watching good waves with good offshore wind. There are couple peaks working and this one here have the biggest waves in the sets. Check it out.


Grant was part of the crew today. I see a lot of the friends living here enjoying the waves. I see a lot of goods waves during all morning.

The ocean is nice the last few days. The waves are coming constantly today and there are a lot of big waves in the sets.

Even the small waves between sets were good. The small waves have better shape today than normally because the swell is not big, but have power..

Here is one of the good rights breaking all the way with perfection and open. This beach break is probably the most consistent wave in all the Pacific coast every day.

I see a lot of people getting out the tube today. This right was the call today. The most of the surfer there were exiting of the pipe.

I see to Hayden Bell going in the tubery in this mini slap. I was died to go surf after to see five waves in the sets and all the waves were perfect and good. Was like a dream day, because just some friends and a couple of visitors were in the water.

And here is the Daniel Snyder tube. He have some friends from Managua visiting here and I know he probably was talking about his tube with his friends and they probably don't wont believe, but here it is, Daniel is one of the best surfer from our capital.

Here are the today aerials. One was made for a visitor after a long ride in this right. He made this wave looks like a perfect ten. He made a tube, a cut and a air.

And here is the local Chocoyo in his air. He was super stoked after this air, so here is bro!!!!.

Ahhh!!!. So many tubes!!!. I get three waves in half hour of surf and I am addicted I want some more. Looks like today was the last day of this swell, but I don't think the waves will be super small.

Ok. Mis amigos. Enjoy this weekend and see you tomorrow in another surf report from the paradise. Armando Lopez is out.