Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, October 15, 2015

Hello everybody and this is Parker bringing you the NSR surf report. We received about two inches of rain last night so the winds were calm and turned slightly onshore. Check out our morning photos!

At last the rain came which is great for everybody, except the surfers. Would you settle for an empty chest high line up with a gentle onshore breeze?

Jeff did! He's been so stoked on all the swell he received in Florida. Then, he came here and got barreled at our break and tore up some other spots. He said he was ok with an onshore day.

Kevin got out for a few waves as well. After a day full of tubes, he was ready to practice his cutbacks.

If you want to take a break from surfing, NSR can set you up on a fishing tour in Gigante. When it rains, the fishing is epic and a great change of pace!

I hopped on my moto and checked out the northern reef break. I found more chest high waves and empty line ups. Here's the proof.

Tanner's mom is visiting Casa Marisombra. They are happy to walk on a tropical beach, enjoy cheap fresh fruit, veggies, and fish, and relax with our massage packages.

I ended up at the shop and wanted to introduce you guys to Norman. He does a phenomenal job holding down our store and helping clients. However, he could improve his abilities to avoid the camera...

Recently, we received a big order of Dakine gear, new NSR hats, and flip flops. All are waiting for you besides Norman's pink track pad. How do you like avoiding the report now hombre?!?!

I just bought the green board in the background so I needed some new accessories. With my new set up, I'll be air dropping Outer Reef like Chippa Wilson. Ok guys and gals, it's time to work on a few projects and prepare for y'all coming down in November. To make up for the onshore winds, I'll have a suprise for you on the report tomorrow. Adios amigos!!