Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, October 09, 2015

Hello guys and gals and welcome to the Friday NSR report with Parker! We took another boat trip to change things up and scope out a sick reef break. Mira mi amigo!!

The swell is great so we went north to find a reef break that could handle it well. Looks like our guys settled in to the rippable faces!

Brian is part of the crew from San Diego who is visiting Rancho del Mar. I know you run a pool business so I promise it's ok to waste and splash some water around in this instance.

Sean is also part of the group. It looks like you're burning off that delicious Don Eloy's pizza with those sweet laybacks and recoveries.

Dave Pearson is the owner of the nearby surf camp. Keep scrolling to the next photo!

Man... He blew the lip completely off the wave! He didn't need any help from the offshore breezes today...

Throughout the session, some well overhead sets came through and were tough to manage. I respect the charge and commitment!

Lola, thank you for lending me Carter for the day! Soon enough you guys will be tucked away and cozy in the casita in La Vista. To the wives of our crew today as well, thank you for watching the kiddos so we could get out and score!!

On the side, Sean teaches surf lessons back home. What do you think about taking a few extra minutes to help me perfect my snaps???

Brian said he needed to stretch in anticipation of his wife's massage therapy later. If you're wife is not a professional masseuse and you've been surfing all day, look no farther than NSR to set up a massage.

My local primo Elvis paddled out with Carter. He told me he hates wearing shirts. No sun protection needed when you spend the whole session in the tube.

We have a fair amount of west in the swell so the rights were working great. Too bad all the goofy footers didn't take advantage of them...

Some friends visiting our home break made the trip down for a session. Judging by the 100 photos of their cuts, I think they enjoyed it too. Hit me up at parker@nicaraguasurfreport if you want to check them out!

Not every shot today was a beautiful spray, hack, or cutback. With the nice sized swell, more waves are likely to barrel.

A lot of folks visiting from Southern California call this break the Nicaraguan Trestles. A-frames for days.......

Also because you shouldn't go down too hard. The rivermouth south opens up and moves the cobble stone. As a result, the A-frame reef forms and produces amazing waves.

It's always good to see the ladies get out there and score their lion's share of waves too. Keep charging it!!

Here is one last sweet trick for you. Even if you missed out on this great session, remember it's Friday!

Ok ladies and gents, don't spend all weekend dreaming about this magical break! Thank y'all for checking out the report today. Adios amigos!!

If you have two more minutes, keep scrolling down! Our crew made another pit stop and combined a couple breaks. Photo: Jake Zlotnick, @zlottyphotos, @giantfootsurf

The only reason I put myself on the report is to compare the wave height. I'm a tall guy but the waves held their size and shape really well. Photo: Jake Zlotnick, @zlottyphotos, @giantfootsurf

Maybe I should say the waves held their size REALLY well, huh? We had a super fun session. Thank you Jake for helping contribute to the daily report! Photo: Jake Zlotnick, @zlottyphotos, @giantfootsurf