Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, October 08, 2010

Hey pals, hope all is doing well everywhere around the world.  This is Lucha Libre with a couple of cool shots from the bay in San Juan del Sur.  The surf has been super fun lately right out front.  Everybody is more than happy to save the drive all the way up to Playa Maderas on that awful road after the huge rains we had.  Waves were running about chest to shoulder high on sets with nice offshore winds all day long.  Check it out!!!

Devin “Mr. Yogurt” wanted to ride some fun ones but first he had to fix one of his many broken fins.  Here he is trying to get his board ready to go shred and snap another fin.

Sometimes it is very hard to fix a board on your own, so you need professional help.  We are going to recommend Kambute’s SurfBoard Repair, the best in town.  Since Devin couldn’t fix his board he opted to take a big panga out and was having a blast out there.  Here I caught him trying to ride this one backwards.

The local kids were killing it, as always.  Check out Rex “La Bestia” Calderon busting a sick frontside air from a nice backside perspective.

A few guys from Portugal paddled out and scored some fun ones as well.  This is Timo working on his bottom turn style.

As you saw before “El Monito” Solis picked up some nice ones.  Here is another shot of him, this time ripping the lip off.  At the end of the day we asked him how the waves were and he said.  Estuvo divertido!!!

It is so easy to do water shots when you have good surfers shredding all over the place.  Check out this little sequence of “La Bestia” Calderon on a nice sized wave.  Shot 1, taking the elevator!

Shot 2, still going!

Shot 3, air dropping and about to land it!

Shot 4, is he gonna make it?

Shot 5, por supuesto!

The light got so sweet by the end of the day but the waves were getting smaller because the tide was getting low.  Hugo Naranja about to get some juice!

Lucha with the last shot of the day.  Tomorrow we are going to drive around to check another spot, so make sure to check back with us.