Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, October 08, 2009

Hi everybody, this is the NSR family bringing all the action for this Thursday surf report.  Today we went to the beach in the morning.  There were a few people in the water, and the waves were running about waist to shoulder high on sets with nice offshore winds.   Check out the lineup!!!

On the first shot of the day we have Ricardo “La Careca” taking off on a really nice right.  He was catching plenty of good waves all morning long.

There were a couple of unknown surfers picking up some fun ones. Here we have this guy trying to pull into this little barrel section on this left.

We also have a few beginners working hard to get some photos for the daily surf report.  This is Amed from Israel ripping on this small but sweet little nugget.

It is so nice to see the girls charging in the lineup. This is Melanie from Canada taking one of the better set waves we had today.

We didn’t have many locals in the water this morning.  The only guy out was “El Tuzo Morales.  Check him out going big with a cool vertical move.

On this shot we have Mauricio from Brazil with a cool off the top. He was having a good time on all the left handers he caught.

Here we have another international surfer, looking down the line on this right.  The whole day was pretty much overcast making it tough for photos.

On the last surfing shot of the day we have Randy “El Bambino” with a sweet backside snap.  He is loving Nicaragua more than ever, surfing everyday with no crowd and super fun waves!

The waves are supposed to drop a little bit during the next few days but we are hoping to have a new swell next week.  Stay tuned with us.