Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, September 06, 2015

Heather McMandon

We just got some sick shots from our friend and local photographer Rick Briggs @donde_x and we wanted to share them with you.  The winds were light offshore and the swell continues to fill in.  Local charger Manuel Resano took advantage of the good conditions and locked into this beautiful beast.

Heather McMandon

Manuel has a brother who also charges, on his back hand. This is Augustin Resano slicing down the face like a hot knife through butter. Photo: Rick Briggs @donde_x

Heather McMandon

Marsh Gregory spent the season down here and has been charging every big swell this year. Here he is locked into a set wave. Photo: Rick Briggs @donde_X

Heather McMandon

Here's a great angle you can only get from the water. Don't let the friendly, clean face fool you though - this wave is fierce and deserves your respect. Photo: Rick Briggs @donde_X

Heather McMandon

If you happen to make the drop and if you happen to pick the right wave, you just might get rewarded with a buttery inside section over the shallow part of the reef. Unknown rider, locked and loaded. Photo: Rick Briggs @donde_X

Heather McMandon

Here's one more shot of Augustin Resano, pulling in under the lip. We are expecting more of the same tomorrow so please check back with us later. Also, big thanks to Rick Briggs @donde_X for sharing the photos. Shots are epic bro!

Hello everybody. This is the Sunday surf report. The waves are big with storm conditions and a lot of foam is in the beach. This swell is powerful, so not to many people is in the lineup. Check it out.

Some spot are working with the low tide. Check this spot without riders.

In the main peak the waves are small and super thick. Is hard to make the drop. This was the only surfer out there.

In other spot were more people taking that wave in the horizon. The left and the right are perfect there are just three waves in the set so there are time to escape from the inside if you are caught over there.

Because no to many people were catching waves. I need to pay to Lester for some good pics. Check what he give me for a hundred dollar catch.$$$$$$$

I don't know who he get waves like that. Why waves like this one came to him. Is lucky or he knows?

Well. The tide is coming in, so is time to paddle out for one. Hopefully one waves like this one come to us.

This waves is the dream for all of us. How don't want to get one nice waves like this one every day?

Here is Lester coming out the barrel with money in his pocket and one more barrel in his list. Ok. Amigos it is time to go surf with the NSR Work team. We see you in the line up.