Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, September 06, 2013

Hola amigos, Lucha Libre is here with a quick update for today's report.  I had to do some board delivery all morning long, so i got pretty late to the beach and this what I found right before we had a huge storm.  Onshore winds, empty lineup and mushy waves.  Check it out!!!

First at all, we want to say that NSR feels so happy to support the comunity as always.  We just provided this soccer team a brand new uniform, and they are all stoked for the new gear.

Alex paddled out to get wet and to show you guys how the surf was.  He said it was right the same,,, as being home!

A few locals were out down the beach trying to ride some mushy ones.  And learn how to surf!

There wasn't much going on out there, but Alex did find something to ride at least.  Going right!

El Monito Soliz was chasing some horses trying to go for a wild horse back ride.  He's lucky that he didn't get kick by this beast.

It might be a good day for fishing.  This guy went over the rocks, trying to get something for dinner.  Any luck buddy?

We went for a quick basketball game at fun limon, and we did get fun.  Alex, Eric, and Oliver warming up!

And the kids were practicing some martial arts.  We hope to have better luck tomorrow so stay tuned with us.  Peace!