Nicaragua Surf Report for Monday, September 07, 2015

Hello everybody. This is the monday surf report of NSR. We went to check the big wave in this area. Some sets come occasionally with three good waves in the set. The offshore wind was low in the morning and increase a little around 10:00 am. Check it out.

Hot Carl was one of the few surfers who paddle out to score some waves. Here he is dropping late with all the wind in his face.

Well, Carlitos made thisone. This is just for warming up. After the first wave he is with more confidence.

The period of the swell it's mixing the waves. When the reef is in calm some others peaks were working.

The surfline say there are about three different swell direction. Some of the waves break a little to the south with a nice peak like a envelope and others waves break from the west, bringing a big perfect wall.

Woooooo Www that wave have fire. I was walking down the beach and this wave was in the horizon taking my attention. Check the power of this wave.

My primo Oliver Solis was catching some waves too. He will go to participate in a surf contest to Norway, so he is training for these, I think so. This is not enough Oliver do better!!!!.

When the tide was going low, just the bogieboarder can drop in this difficult wave. The shape of the wave keep better, but the offshore wind was too much strong latter.

Ok. Amigos. We will post more pics later from different angles to you can see better this wave. Armando Lopez is out.

Carl NSR

Nicaragua's surf OG Olivier "El Monito" Solis tackled this orangutang on his brand new Eberly single fin. You gotta love how he makes the absolutely critical look so playful. Thanks to Rick Briggs for the submission.

Carl NSR

Beautiful and scary. Rick Briggs from Donde X photography was on the spot today and a champ with the water housing. Follow him on instagram @donde_x We love this perspective so close to the action. Thanks, Rick!

Carl NSR

This was a far from perfect day at this spot, so back-dooring sections like these meant taking your chances with with a guillotine lip. Cabeza Resano pictured rolling the dice and making it count.

Carl NSR

At one point during this mornings session the winds picked up and the storm clouds moved in to create this spectacular image. What an incredible spot this is. Thanks for capturing the moment @donde_x!!

Carl NSR

Even when shoulder hopping this wave is super tricky. Check the massive boils Carlos has to negotiate getting down the face. Sometimes these line up along the entire trough of the wave just daring you to flinch right as you push yourself over the ledge.

Carl NSR

We'll leave you with another gem of a photo, literally. Thanks again to @donde_x and NSR's own Armando "El Codo" Lopez for the shots and all the effort behind the lens today. Happy surfing folks.