Nicaragua Surf Report for Monday, September 06, 2010

We want everybody to know that this weekend September 11-12, we will have the final event for the National Surf Circuit at Playa Maderas.  So Come over and check it out, also you can compete if you want.  We have an Open Category where everybody can participate no matter where you are from.  It is only C$50 and you are in.  Come have fun, do not let anybody to tell you how fun it was!!!

We went to the beach in the moring, trying to take advantage on the winds condition and we eally did.  There were some fun waves rolling in and the crowd was ver light.  Check it out!!!

When we got to the beach nobody was out, so Pancho and Juan Bustos had all the beach to themself for about one hour.  Here is Pancho  with a sweet floater on this nice sized wave.

Juan Bustos was showing us all his skills in the lineup.  He got to score a few decent rides down the beach.  Here he is dropping into one of the cleaner lefts of the day.

Later on a few guys came down and were taking a couple sweet ones.  This is Dave working on his frontside barrel style on this little section.  Uhhh, that felt like  a giant barrel at Waimea Bay!!!

It was a perfect day to learn how to surf.  Check out those guys having a blast on the beach and so excited to paddle out.  Remember that we have the best surf school in town, so come check us out right behind the Gas Station in San Juan del sur.

It was a good day to sit on the beach and watch the action as well.  Tranquilooooooo!!!

A few guys paddled out on their big pangas and were picking up a few fun ones.  Here I caught this guy in front of the rocks at Machete Pt riding a nice looking left all the way in to the beach.

Pancho Sanchez on the last shot of the day.  He's been praticing how to hit the pocket alot lately because he is going to INDO and wants to throw some buckets over there too.  Lucha out!!!