Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, September 01, 2013

Holla amigos! This is Alex "Buck" Smith here to inform you all about mother nature's feelings today. She seemed to be a little slow today, with knee to waist high surf. Some minor side-off winds prevailed, and there was really only one peak working. Few people out, and many of them out of position for the rare gem rolling though. Challenging conditions but these guys are making the most of it!

This guy got a little action and took the speed into a soft shoulder for a little cutty. Throwing agua nevertheless...

There were some ramps offered on the rights. Check out this ripper about to punt a backflip!

On days like this, leashes are optional. This hombre has got to be stoked to play in the warm water!

Days like this are also good for busting out the longboard! This surfer seemed to be getting some fun ones.

I don't know what these guys are up to, but they look like they are having just as much fun as everyone in the water.

There were so many nugs that rolled though last week that I got close to getting surfed out. So when I hear the term "nugget" I think more of chicken nuggets than waves. Small eatable nuggets still coming through...

Never a bad day to be chilling at the beach or bar.

Hopefully, a restaurant will be opening on the beach soon. Then maybe, you can eat chicken nuggets, and watch your homies pull into nuggets.

This surfer must be feeling a little full after this session.

Here we have the legendary Don Eloy's bar and restaurant located a floor above the NSR store in Hacienda Iguana. The staff is getting ready for the evening. They are going to get some good business tonight, because it is the last night for Sam "Juan Del Sur." Sam has been staying in the Hacienda Iguana golf condos for a couple months with his brother Simon "Don Salsa," who is an NSR employee. Sam is off to surf in Europe, and I hope he scores some sick ones!