Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Hey this is Taco with the surf report for the first day of September. I pulled up to the beach and it looked head high to a little over head, good shape, with a little offshore breeze early. There were plenty of sick ones coming through.

The tide was high early while the wind was at its best, still there were some fun corners to play with. Possible backside roundy to reverse off the rebound, hmmm?

I saw this guy air-dropping into oblivion, until he bent his knees and just laid it all on his rail to make it across this heaving section.

No mans land. If you have the patience to sit and wait through all the close outs, you might be lucky enough to squeak into one of these lefthand keggers.

There were some lefts as well. This guy dropped in deep from up the point pulled in under this curtain and snagged himself a nice dry tube-o.

This is Miles, he lives in Rancho Santana.  Even though the tide was high, he managed to spot this bomb coming from out the back. He had a heavy drop, which he pulled through then he picked a line and went for it. Nice job Myles you got really pitted on this one,  we got the whole sequence

Hey Miles, Lucha Libre got your barrel sequence as well, from a different perspective and a second later.  Getting drained!

Miles coming out of the pipe.  You do not get to see a 59 year old man getting shacked very often.  Nice job buddy!!!

The guys from Cali were ripping all over the place as well.  This is Mike styling on his bottom.

A few kids from San Diego made it out and were killing it.  Sweet maneuver off the top on this closed out section.

Ken was able to paddle out and rode a few small but fun waves.  Here he is doing his thing on this little nugget.

Taco was doing his thing on the beach today.  That's him on the foreground, I guess getting a sick shot of somebody out in the water.  Keep up the good work pal!

Here I caught this guy from Miami looking down the line, hoping to find a barrel section coming at him on this nice peeler.  We got a couple of cool photos of you and friends buddy, so shoot us an email.

David some California on the last shot of the day, getting some shade on the inside barrel section.  Hope to catch some fun ones tomorrow, Lucha out!