Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, September 01, 2012

Welcome to our first report of September.  The waves were really out of control today, lots of closed outs, lots of wipeouts and a few sick barrels.  Check it out!

Did I say lots of wipeouts?  Mateo El Generoso starting the show!

There were some huge sets rolling in, as you can see.  Panchito in the impact zone! You barely can see his head in the hot spot!

Unfortunately the sun didn't cooperate today but we did our best to get some good shots.  The boys splitting a nice peak!

The view from way down the beach, lot of foam in the air so it made this one a little dark.  Carlitos getting into a sick cave!

Carlitos paid his taxes on the last one.  Sorry Carlitos!

Mr Chapin got the barrel of the day, no hander.  Shot 1, dropping in and setting up!

Getting pitted and super deep!

Not sure if he made it out of this one!  What do you guys think?

Spitted out and finding the door!

Yeah Chapin, way to go.  You really had to clain that one!

Our man, Pancho Sanchez pulled into some heavy ones as well.  Did I say HEAVY?  Check out the lip of that thing.  That thing can hurt you pretty bad!

How about another sick sequence?  This time Shanon paying some taxes.  Super late drop!

Missing the control!

At least you had a sick one yesterday buddy!

Pancho Sanchez dropping into one of the very few lefts we saw this morning.  Combo flags Panchito!

Bombs everywhere this morning and Kurt was there to charge some heavy ones.  Just holding it!

Steve about to make it around and pull into that thing.  All the guys out there were going big, pushing each other!

Mateo going big for a nice right hander in the inside section.  Do you remember this one Generoso?  I bet you do!

One last action shot for today's report.  Alright boys, that's all for today.  Please check back tomorrow!

Hold on, just another broken board to add to the board graveyard!