Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Hi party people, guess who is this?  Yes folks, this is Lucha Libre Garcia one more time bringing you all the action straight from the beach to your computers.  The waves were super fun, running  about chest to head high on the bigger sets, the winds were nice offshore and the water was warm.  Check it out!

Lefts and rights were going off this morning, if you do not believe me just check this shot and the next ones!

Did I say rights and lefts?  Uknown pal setting up for the barrel section on this sicky!

Steffi Kerson was the only girl out there and she was charging.  This wave is easily double overhead on her!

The waves were super fun at this spot today, but it wasn't even close to its best level.  Sick right hander down the river mouth!

It was nice to see everyone out there getting barreled all over the place.  Unknown surfer working on his backside tube ride.

Mr Tony Z jumped out in the water with the water housing and snapped a couple of sick ones.  CJ Kanuha with the money shot.  Good job Tonyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!

We had some rippers out there, destroying every section that came up to them.  Check out this guy tailing out with a cool turn!

It is time for the wipeout shot of the day.  Literaly going over the falls!

It is not nice to see people dropping in on somebody else wave.  Lester getting a little bit of his own chocolate!  How is it feel Lester?  I bet you do not like it, do you?

Mr Shanon made it down just in time to score some sick ones with this nice swell.  Check him out enjoying this beautiful right!

We had lot of runners to have fun on.  Here we caught this guy getting into a nice section.

Mateo El Generoso was surfing all by himself right out front of the river mouth.  Check him out pulling into a gnarly one!

Our very own Carlitos Caliente paddled out and got into a few racers.  How is the surf up in Fl chicken de pollo?  Are you taking a look of this?

We had some sick overhead plus series coming in every now and then and this guy scored a few of them.  It is so funny to see this guy trying to squeeze himself into this room.  Come on man, a bus can easily fit in there.

Alright boys, that's all for today.  Please check back tomorrow!

This just in, a couple of good friends went fishing last weekend and they scored.  How about this sick 100 pounds sailfish?

Or maybe some sick Dorado for dinner?  Well done folks!