Nicaragua Surf Report for Monday, August 20, 2012

Hola amigos, Lucha Libre Garcia is here bringing you some of the action we had.  Waves were running about chest to head high on the bigger sets, winds were nice offshore and the water was killer.  Check it!!!

The waves were kinda fun, lot of runners to pull in to and have fun.  Ken enjoying the view on this nice looking right!

The tide was getting lower and we had ton of waves to be taken coming in our way.  Paddle out and get some boys!

We had some sick drainers and everyone loved them.  Did I mention how shallow it was?

Shanon just made it down and he is already scoring.  You gotta love it bro!

Pancho Sanchez swinged down our way and went out to get some.  Pancho always find a nice little cave to get some shade!

Kyle Thiermann has been ripping literally all over the place. Check him out with a sick frontside turn on this little nugget.

Wave of the day goes to Juan from Cali.  Shot 1, wide open arms to get super shacked!

Pulling in and enjoying the tube ride!

Still going and looking for the door!

Safe and clean!

The rights were pretty open as well, but not many people wanted to take the challenge and charge this one at dead low tide.  Would you do it?

There were some nice clean sections to shred on and this guy obviously was on them.  Way to go pal!

Mr Michael Sihle was doing his thing out there.  Nice set up big boy!

This could be your chair folks, or actually this could be you getting slotted.  Just email us to [email protected] and we can set you up!

We had lots of barreling waves today, as always.  A couple of guys did make it out and a few other ones didn't.  This unknown surfer pulled into some fun ones and he did make it out of this one. Email to [email protected] if you want to check the whole sequence pal!

Colin Harrington from Fl looking for the door in this sick right hander.  We have a couple of cool shots of you man, so make sure to shoot us an email.

Elias from Playa Hermosa Cali, on the last shot of the day.  Please check back tomorrow amigos!