Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Hi and welcome to your daily surf report.  The waves were running about waist to chest high today, the winds were nice offshore and the water was incredibly beautiful and fresh.  Check out the lineup!

Today I got hired by a nice crew from Brazil.  They were all super stoked to score some fun ones.  Joel working on his backside on his big super panga.

Don Pinguinito took his big board out as well and he killed it on that thing.  Deep bottom turn on a sweet left!

The waves didn't get as big as we were hoping, so the lineup got a little crazy for a little bit.  Always happens when the waves are small.  Unknown rider about to get drilled!

The waves were super fun, up and down the beach.  Mi amigo Pico Loco, nabbing a nice little nugget.

Toni with the last shot of this crew, with a cool little floater on a closed out section.  Yeahhhh, Tonicito!

The waves were super fun down the river mouth.  This guy was taking lots of nice ones all by himself.

A few girls were out and they were shredding all over the place.  Throwing the lip off the back.

Noah Cocoa was ripping hard all morning long.  Sick vert on his backhand!

Steffi made it out and she was scoring lots of fun ones as well.  Trying a double hand drag to get in the hot spot.

The waves were small but super playful.  I would say killable, are you there Borrador?

There were some sick sets in between and this guy got some of the better ones.  Getting locked!!!

Girls were shredding all day long.  It was nice to see all those cute chicks tearing apart the waves.

Nolan was flying like a super seagull out there.  Check him out blastin' fins out!

Regular and goffy footers were showing up their surfing skills.  Throwing buckets all over the place.

Last action shot of the day goes to this boy with a beautiful maneuver on his frontside.  Hoping to get better conditions tomorrow, so stay tuned with us.