Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hi and welcome to the Thursday surf report.  This is Miguel bringing you all the action from one of the better spots we have down here in Nicaragua.  The waves were fun today, running about chest to head high on sets with offshore winds.  It was raining a little bit making tough for photos but we still had a couple of good ones to show you how it was.  Check it out!!!

In the past months we’ve had some pro surfers coming down to enjoy and surf our beautiful waves.  Today Julian Wilson and Kaloe Andino showed out to the beach with 4 private photographers to remember this trip for ever.  Welcome down folks!!!

These two guys were ripping all over the place, busting some sick airs, big turns and a few barrels.  Here we have Andino “El Camgrejito” with an amazing frontside air.  It is so fun to watch these guys surfing!

This is our new friend Julian “La Arana” Wilson with a powerful backside snap on this left.  I know you guys are thinking to leave on Saturday but it would be nice if you guys extend your trip for a few more days because we are expecting to have some better waves soon.

We had lots of people in the lineup but everybody was really mellow out there.  Here we have this unknown rider looking down the line of this left.

There were a few barrels to be had but it was really hard to make it out of them.  Check out this guy pulling into a nice one.

Sometimes you feel more motivated in the water when you see some good surfers out.  How about this guy with this sweet turn.

We didn’t have many clean waves, but we still had a good time out there.  This guy picked many good ones and he rode them all the way in to the beach.

There were some killer set waves coming through and this guy scored a few of the better ones.  Check you out man, you are on NSR.

We also had some sick left handers to be taken.  Here we have this guy about to make it around this one and get into the blue room!

Sometimes when you are surfing can be very dangerous and you have to be very careful.  This guy was no lucky today and got cut by one of his fins.  Sorry man, we hope you feel better soon.

It is so nice when you see big guys surfing so well.  This is Miller surfing like a 20 years old kid.  Good turn Miller!!!

Here we have another unknown bald rider bottom turning a nice looking right.  We hope you had enough sunscreen on dude!

Alright folks, that’s all for today.  The swell is supposed to start building tomorrow so check back with us.