Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, August 20, 2010

So excited because the big swell is already hitting Nicargua right now.  Today we went to check out one of the heaviest spots down here and there were a couple good ones rolling in but it still wasn't quite big enough for this spot.  The winds were supposed to come up in the afternoon, so we hit it in the morning.  Here's a shot looking down from the top of a cliff.  Cool view of this wave, huh?

Pancho and El Parasito had to paddle 1 mile to get to this spot because it's an offshore slab that only breaks when it's really big.  It might look nice from here, but it's a heavy wave and it likes to eat surfboards for breakfast. 

Other spots were breaking today too.  Here is a fun wave rolling in and the best was that nobody was out. 

Finally a few guys showed out and were able to pick up some real fun ones.  Here I caught this dude bottom turning a nice sized right.

Did I say nobody?  Lefts and rights rolling with no takers.  What a shame!!!

It is nice to see everybody catching waves in the lineup.  Check out this one looking down from the hill.  These guys were surfing on their own for about 2 hours.

There were many ripable waves this morning.  This wave was not barreling but it was walling up all the way in to the beach.  Here is caught this boy attacking the lip of this right.

On the last shot of the day we have Pancho Sanchez doing his best to throw some sprays on this one.  He hurted one of his knee a few days ago but he's still destroying waves every where.  We have to say that the last surf contest of the year has been posponed because the waves are supposed to be huge during this weekend and as known Playa Maderas doesn't hold too much size.  Stay tuned with us to find out the new dates.  Please check back tomorrow.