Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Hola amigos, Lucha Libre is here with a quick update for your Tuesday surf report.  The waves keep rolling on the chest high range, winds got a little weird today but there were still many little fun waves to be taken.  Check out the lineup!

Local and international surfers were having a blast out there.  We have to say that the water was super nice and clear. 

Local boys were shredding up hard, all morning long.  Oscarito going big with a sweet reverse.

Waves were fun up and down the beach.  This guy was all by himself at the river mouth.  He loved it!

Nice to see all the boys having a good time out there.  Waves were super fun to take the big boards out.

This knee boarder was part of the action.  Here he is caught with a cool spray.

The lineup was not busy at all, so there were plenty of fun little jewels with no takers.  Hey Lennie, you gotta go out and get some of that!

Last action shot goes to this buddy ripping the inside section.  Conditions should be still about the same for the next few days, but we are praying for some tubos.

Now it is time to heal your body, rest and chill.  Peace!