Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, August 13, 2010

Hey, welcome to the daily surf report from NSR.  Today we woke up and the waves were pumping, winds were super light, warm water, a great day to be a surfer in Nicaragua!

There were a lot of good hollow waves today.  Here is an unknown surfer pulling under a thick lip.  This wave was one of the better ones that this guy caught today. 

Here is one of Jeremy's many barrels.  This guy was getting shacked off his nogin all morning! 

When this wave is on, you can just sit on the beach and watch people pull in to draining tubes, or you can go out and get one for yourself! 

After this wave this two guys got into an all out brawl on the beach... just kidding.  Sometimes we gotta' share waves.

Nobody got a piece of this monster.  This guy is trying to shoulder hop on one of the better waves that came through.

Here is Jeremy again, coming out of a sick barrel.  Yo Jeremy, I got a good sequence of this wave, email in if you want to check it out.  That was an insane wave dude!

There was a bit of a crowd in the water, but the waves were spread out and there were plenty to go around.  Unknown gettiing a good one down the beach.

Here is " wingman '' with a sweet fromtside cover up.  He was getting all kinds of good waves this morning.  Checking out the inside of this ola. 

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We'll leave you with a shot of a perfect little a-frame.  This wave had nobody on it and nobody anywhere near it.  That's all for today, the swell is going to be good tomorrow and we are expecting offshore winds all day.  Be sure and check back as we'll have a bunch of photos from the action!