Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hi and welcome to another sweet report from down here in Nicaragua. The waves were super fun again today, running about chest to head high on sets with perfect offshore winds. The lineup was not crowded at all and everybody in the water was super nice. Check it out!!!

First thing in the morning it was a little overcast but later on the sun came out just for about 40 minutes or so, making it a little tough for photos but we did the best to bring you all the action. Here we have this unknown rider getting shacked on this sick right hander.  The right barrels were coming in all day today!

We had a few guys out destroying the wave all over the place. Check out this guy with a huge backside spray.  That's a SCHWACKKKKK!

This is Darrel from Orlando getting covered. He used to have fun at Disney World but now he gets fun surfing some nice waves.  I told you there were lots of right barrels today.

This is Miles looking down the line of this killer left. He is old but still picked up a few of the better sets that came through today.

Now we have Bradley from Fl hand dragging on this little nugget.  ...another right barrel, hmmmmmm.  Hey man, we definitely got some cool photos of you so send us and email and we’ll get back to you with some pics.

There were some nice and clean wave to be had, this guy sat in the right spot and scored one of them.  This is a keeper man, don’t you think so?

This is our new friend Keto from Fl, this guy rips.  Check him out going big with a sweet frontside air.

Steve from Jacksomeville was trying to get into a couple barrels today because he knew that we were on the beach taking pictures.  Here he is setting up, waiting for the barrel section.

Check out this guy showing us some power snaps.  The waves were smaller than yesterday but we definitely got so much fun today.

This is Tom from Jax looking for the high line to get more speed and make it to the barrel section. This guy so surprise because the first time he came down was 20years ago and now he sees many changes around the area.

His son was happier than ever to surf such a beautiful wave.  Check out this sequence and realize how good he surfs.

Shot 2, get it my friend!!!

Shot 3, about the hit the pocket!!!

Shot 4, oh my god.  He is a good surfer, only 16 years old.

Shot 5, nice turn buddy!!!

Shot 6, air drop!!!

Shot 7, is he going to land it?

Shot 8, yes and ready to hit it one more time.

It is so nice to get shacked even when the waves are small.

One more barrel shot?

Now a cool drop!!!

We have Carlitos "Michael Jackson" with the last shot of the day. The waves are supposed to be smaller for the next few days but it should be still pretty fun to paddle out.
Peace and love!!!