Nicaragua Surf Report for Monday, August 13, 2012

Yeewww everyone!  This is Eric bringing you today's surf report on my last day down here in Nica.  The waves were smaller but still rippable this morning.  The sun was out, the wind was light offshore, and the water was crisp!  Great day to be down here and in the surf!

Mr. JJ Kerson was out there early getting his fill of waves.  He paddled down to this peak and scored a couple of sick lefts! 

Left and right peaks were popping up at few of the sandbars out here.  This bigger man put some serious power behind his turns! 

We love those offshore winds around here.  Even with the higher tide the waves were hollow enough to get some barrel sections! Look at that left!!!

Carlos way up by the beach at the end of this little wave, punting a nice little air. 

JJ again with a bigger air than Carlitos!  Ya Jota!  Great hangin' with ya this summer buddy!  See you soon!

This man was surfing all morning and catching plenty of waves!  Sweet snap turn on this clean lefthander!

Looks like it's all you from here on Lucha!  Check back tomorrow for another update from somewhere in Nicaragua!  This is Eric checkin' out one last time, see you all soon!