Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, August 13, 2011

Hola chicos, this is Lucha Libre Garcia bringing you some of the sick action we had today.  I woke up super early this morning and headed out to Surfari Charters Camp to take a ride with them on the VA PUE.  We checked out this spot but it wasn’t picking enough size but there were still some fun ones coming through.  This is JJ Yemma, standing TALL.  Check it out!

A few rippers took a ride with us and they were killing it.  This is Mason Ho from Hawaii pulling into one of the better waves of the sesh at this spot. 

We changed locations and found the outer reef going off.  Sick waves were rolling in all day long.  We are not kidding you folks!

To start the action at this spot we have Captain Moss setting up for the huge blue room.  We got a pretty nice barrel sequence of this wave, as you can see the water was crystal clear.

Mani was pulling in deep into some gnarly ones.  Do not tell me that you don’t want to get a picture like this.

Oliver “El Monito” Solis was the only local guy charging out there, as always.  Chilling like a Bob dealing on penicillin!

This boy from Australia was making some crazy drops all day long.  Check out this little seq, shot 1.

Shot 2, totally air dropping!

Shot 3, still in the air!

Shot 4, is he going to land it?

Shot 5, that was hot.  Wasn’t it?

Cabezas pulled into some heavy sections on his backside.  Check out how open that thing is!

Carlitos Caliente was part of the barrel fest.  Here he is getting into the hot spot.

There were some mutant sets rolling in, that almost cleaned up everyone out there.  Oh my god!!!

Pancho Sanchez got a little late to the action, but he was still able to pick up some sick ones.  Hitting the hot spot and setting up for the barrel section!

This Pelotudo from Argentina was charging o his longboard.  Getting deep in the flats with a cool bottom turn.

This guy was throwing buckets all over the place.  That is a hack!

Kenny Kozak showed up and rented out one of our many sick boards so he could get a few bombs.  That’s the KS Merrick, and that’s why it is working so well at this spot.

Wipe out show go last.  Shot 1, I mean wipe out number one.  Roberth Gregory!!!

Number 2, Mani Ramirez trying to body surf this one!

Number 3, Carlitos flying with no wings!

The KS Merrick got a nice test out today.  Getting pounded!

And last but no better, Juancito going over the falls.

Alright folks, that is all for today.  We want to throw a big thanks to our Surfari Charters friends.  They hooked us up today, putting Lucha Libre on their boat ,ahh get ready to check out Kristin movie from today.  Peace!