Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, August 12, 2016

Yeap!!! buddy!!!. We have good waves with a ten miles per hours offshore wind. There are three peaks working good during the low tide. The beach was crowed in the morning, so we surf in the noon and we scoring alot of good waves. Check it out.


Every peak have his moment with some sick waves in the series. Here is a surfer making this late drop. This is one of the most emotional part of the surf. The take off in waves overhead are my favorites.

Here is a left showing the ramp. The offshore wind was open the right, but the left was rolling better for big turns.

There are a lot of waves coming from different ways coming to the beach and mixing to create waves with A frame and some others waves are like this one with a wall with good lines. The last few days the water is so clear, if you are riding a wave is soo cool to see the sea bottom during the ride.

For long times we were show you rights, but the left are coming again. Today we see a lot of good left with barrels working in all the peaks.

All the surfers in the line up were trying to score some tubes. I Have one YYYYYYYYEEEEEAAAAAAA this is not me, my tube was better with green water, but here is a surfer just starting to be cover for the lip of the wave.

Here I am, but like every time the photographer loss the next shots. The waves is not strong and is mushy during the high tide, so we are surfing around noon when the tide is starting to come up.

And here is my turn in the end of the wave. Haaa check the power in that turn Hahahahaha. The sound of that cut It was like this Shhuaaaaakkkataaaa. Jjjjjjjj.

We have a swell from 218* and this is no too common, but we are seeing a lot small waves with good shape and is working constantly. This swell is just starting to building, so we will have fun waves for the next days :) : ) :[ :{ :> :<.

Here is Katerine one of the sexy surfer girl we have in our beachbreak. She come here long time ago to surf in vacation and she fall in love with this place and now she is living her dream of live close to her love, the waves.

Oh man!!!!This is how look the big waves in the sets. The swell is growing, so this is how could be the waves for the next days. Have fun and keep checking the report. Armando Lopez is out.