Nicaragua Surf Report for Monday, August 08, 2016

Hello fellas!!!. I was checking the tide in the afternoon to see if the waves grow a little bit, because there are some small swell mixing in the ocean, but the waves are not to big, there are some good waves working. I see all the people in the line up getting waves, nothing amazing but could be worse. Check it out.


This left no was working really constantly, but every time the set come there are two waves. Watch what this surfer have to show us.

He started looking for a shack, because the wave looks like gonna have a tube. He was a little bit covered for the lip of the wave, but he decided try another trick.

In Spanish we have a phrase that says: If from the sky are falling lemons, learn to do lemonade. Well this wave start to close, so this surfer see a spot to go up in the air.

This photo looks like me every time I am trying to make a air. I can try ten time in a day to do a air and I never landing one, but I am more than happy just for try, so this looks fun for me.

This right was working more consistent, but have more people in the line up. The waves are soft and small, so some beginner were there.

Here is the reason why be in the water doesn't matter if the waves looks small. Is because there are always a fun wave and you can be the rider. So paddle out and wait for the nice wave.

This right was working more constant than the other peaks. Here is how looks the waves in the sets, the waves are not big, but were longer and hold the shape for a while.

Today the waves were soft, so Josh was making some cuts in the wave to make more halt. During the high tide the wave looks the same, so this is the best way to rip the wave.

Cuts and round house are some of the tricks to do if the wave don't have a wall. This surfer was the best one in the water, ripping in all his waves.

The high tide will be during the sunset time and this right probably will be good, so see you in the line up buddy.... Armando Lopez is out.