Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, August 07, 2016

Hi everybody!!!. Here we are in the end of the weekend. Just a few people were out during the low tide coming in. This peak is small, but looks super fun. Check it out.

People is using his shortboard, because the waves are strong enough. There are some waves closing out, but most are good.

The waves are more for turns or airs, but this surfer never miss the hope to get a barrel. The persistence someday bring results.

Here is another boy looking to have a easy tube. The wall in this wave keep up, but is not open to have a tube.

One of the locals was taking advantage to have the offshore wind against him to take off. Here is Carlitos Perez showing one face of his surf skill, he is the king in the barrels and he have some airs in his pack.

Pangggg!!!! with the three fins out the water he is kicking the air like Bruce Lee.... ├▒aaaakkkkaaaaatttaaaa....

Some waves were closing up, the way to recognize the bad waves is if you see a long wall in the wave. Here is a surfer trying to reach this wave, but he never can attain.

This is the shape of the wave you want to get. The swell drop and this is the best peak working.

Here is one of the surfer trying to do a vertical trick. I like to surf big waves, but I am learning to have fun even in this tiny waves.

This wave was working in front of the river mouth. Just Josh was surfing there, check the wave his lucky guy is taking.

There are good conditions for the visitors. The size of the waves don't scare anybody and the waves are not strong, so is calm to be out waiting for the best small waves in the set.

Ok. Mis amigos, we gonna check some others spot the next days to see what is happen around so be tuned to the surf report. Have fun and see you later. Armando Lopez is out.