Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, August 08, 2015

Hello everybody. The big day is here and everything is ready to the big night, the shuttle, the sound sistem, the models and all the drinks are in the freezer waiting for yours. In the next six hours Mag Rock will be pack with all the people to is living here and visitors. Came and enjoy with us our 10 anniversary.

The waves are kinda small and friendly with nice water color and nice offshore wind. The people were catching waves all over the place. Check it out.

The waves are a feet high with energy. Check how this surfer is making a good cut in this small wave.

This right was the favorite to the people in the line up. After get a good speed in this wave this surfer make a good cut.

This little wave have a good shape when came to the beach. Check how many people wish to take this wave, making this surfer watch out the traffic.

This kid was getting speed for about ten meters in every wave trying some airs. Until the half way he keep good, he is close to land this trick, so we have here a new prospect in the new generation of surf in out Country.

Looks like this right have a good spot to hit the lip and go in the air. This kids have a runway in that spot for landing his plane.

Here is Norlan ( El Buchón ) trying to taking off, but look like he don't have too much gas!!!. He definitely is more heavy to the others kids.

Our winter time is mellow and the forests are nice and green. That makes the environment very pretty and the waves have the perfect combination to make this place how you see it here.

This young local (Chocoyo) is growing in the right place and time with good waves and good people around. Here is making one of his power trick. I really think of in the next years he will be one of the best surfer in our Country.

The people in the line up we're catching what the ocean give to us. You can see how this surfer can go vertical in this tiny wave.

Ok. Amigos. We have the first toast already. See you in the party. Aramndo Lopez is out.