Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Yo everyone!  Eric here posting up the surf report for this Tuesday in July.  I went out to the beach in the afternoon when the tide had dropped and the waves were insane!!  The wind was whipping offshore, the waves were solid overhead on some of those sets and the tubes were plentiful!  I hope you guys don't mind looking at one perfect right tube after another because that's what was going on out here today (this photo being an exception)!!  Check it!

First action shot of the day going to this unknown surfer about to get pitted on his backhand.  Some of these guys were traveling for so long in these tubes but not being able to find an exit!  Not a bad view though!

Next up we have Ricky Schaffer slotted on a sick one!  This man was catching heaps of waves out here and I snapped away as he pulled into tube after tube!!

Tony Z paddled out and ended up snapping his board on his first wave!!!  He high tailed it home for another stick and it's a good thing he did!  Check the next shot!

Yaaaa Tony!!  Pulling into a beautiful barrel here.  Ready to trade photos amigo?!?

Next shot and he's just slotted on this frieght train right!  Tony came out of this and pulled into a second barrel on the inside.  Sick wave man!

This wave is heavy, gets super shallow and is a definite board  breaker.  Anybody recognize one of their sticks in the graveyard?!

Here's a good friend of ours, Dean from the good country of Australia.  He's heading back home in the morning and got some good waves to think about for that looooonnnnggg plane ride home!  Nice hangin' with you Dean, see you soon buddy!

This is Ricky again way out on another epic right.  Ricky placed second in his division during the contest and just couldn't leave once he saw the waves get good!  Chilling on the beach is Emily from California, taking a break from the surf to relax a little!  Heeeyyy Emily!

Another good friend I met down here who is also from way over in Australia, Mitch, getting some time in the shade!!! 

That's a lot of epic rights huh?  I bet you regular footers are drueling right now!  How about a quick look down at the mysto left!  Looking pretty makeable today!

Ricky one more time, finding some time away from the barrels to destroy this lip!  Going vertical on this one!

Last action shot for the day goes to Mitch in this drainer!!!  Mitch surfs all day, goes home to his beautiful girlfriend cooking him lunch, and then goes surfing again!!  Not a bad life huh?

This one is my favorite shot from today!  Sick wave in the backround and a lone chica reading a book unaware of the perfect A-frame behind her!  Thanks for tuning in to NSR's daily surf report!  The waves might be a little smaller tomorrow but the week ahead is looking darn good!  Stay connected and we'll bring you all the action right from the beach to your computer!  This is Eric and I am out like a light!