Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, July 24, 2011

What’s up folks?  This is Lucha Libre with the second and last day of the second date of the National Surf Circuit at Playa Santana.  The waves were kinda small, running about waist to shoulder high on sets, the winds were nice offshore and the water was nice.  Check out the lineup!!!

We started the day with the second round of the Open National were our good friend “La Baloy” Chamorro got kicked out.  He did a couple of good maneuvers but it wasn’t enough to make it to the next round.

There were some nice waves rolling in first thing in the morning and Darwin picked up some of them.  He got kicked out in the third round, right before the semifinals.

The day kept going and we got into the juniors semis, where this little kid was the big sensation.  Edwin from Gigante showing his sweet style.

La Bestia Calderon was killing every single wave he rode today.  He was ready to battle for the crown in the Open final doing sick vertical maneuvers like this one.

La Gaviota Chamorro looked pretty solid in all his heats and also made it to the finals.  Here he is attacking this closed out section in the inside.

We got into the woman finals, where this girl was showing us some sweet level.  Arlie Pickett with a sick backside roundhouse.

Our buddy Corage Hernandez totally led the longboard final.  Here he is walking up to the nose on this little nugget.

We do not even have to bother you saying that we have many cute girsl on the beach.  Hola kitty!!!

A few local gringos were battling in every single heat they had.  This Andrew Foster smacking the lip of this section, who successfully made it to the open finals.

Our buddy Austin from Surfari Charters did a good show during the whole contest and I thought that he was making finals but he couldn’t make it.  Fins out, with a killer shot!

This buddy from Santa Barbara, Cal showed us his good surfing skills during the whole contest in the Juniors Division.  Logan with a sick backside turn.

Joel “El Capullo” Chavez has improved his level super quick and he was showing us some of it today.  Here he is going big with a killer backside 360 snap.  You can see the rotation he’s taking on this move!

This showed up to the beach to check the action.  He also paddled out on that thing!

Lets take it to the podium now.  The girls category ended up like this.
1- Arlie Pickett
2- Ashley Blaylock
3- EmelineLopez
4- Melisa Larochele

1- Jose Hernandez
2- Sergio Calderon
3- Alfredo El Manito

1- Jackson Obando
2- Joel Chavez
3- Logan Laubach
4- Lester Espinoza

Open National:
1- Augusto Chamorro
2- Rex Calderon
3- Brodie Walker
4- Andrew Foster

Brodie didn’t win the first place but he got the best prize.  New girlfriend buddy, I am just kidding pal!

We want to say thanks so much to everyone that made this event possible.  Stay tuned for the next and last event at Playa Maderas the next August 13th and 14th.  This was Lucha Libre with all the action from the beach