Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, July 24, 2009

Welcome everyone to the Friday surf report. This is Jairo “Come Pan” Panic throwing you a heavy day down here in Nicaragua. Today we had one of the bombing swell of this year. The waves were GOING OFF today.  It's seriously some of the biggest surf I've seen in about 5 years.  Lucky for us we have this slab that breaks about once per year and today it was serving up some serious waves (and beatings)  Check out one of the sick waves coming through. This thing is heavy!!!

Here we have Sean Pearson grabbing his board, so he can get into this wave better.  This kid joined up with the NSR crew today and was charging.  This is how you backdoor a big, slabby section!  Nice work Sean.

Here we have another gnarly right with nobody on it.  What a shame!!!

Most of the big waves were so heavy they were unmakeable without a jetski.  It was better to try and find the in-betweeners and get barreled!  This is Colin getting a small, but nice shack on this left. This guy was super happy to score good waves today.

It was about 50/50 (at best) on most of these things and we had some good wipeouts to show for it.  Here's a nice collection of people going over the falls.  Watch out for the reef...it was sucking dry at times.

Tyler was part of the action today.  He was catching plenty of good waves.  Here he is with this nice front side cut back on this wave.

The NSR crew paddled out as well. These guys were ripping and shred some sick waves today. Here we caught Pancho Sanchez setting up for a nice barrel. Nice one Pancho!!!

This is Jack grabbing one of the bigger waves that he caught today.  Check him out getting an amazing back side barrel on this thing.

Most of the waves today in this spot were super hollow.  Here we have Peter “Shady” take Advantage of one of them.  Here he is getting ready to be inside this big green room.

Wow!   What a fun day.  This wave is really a beast...or La Bestia in Spanish.

Later on we went another spot to see what is going on.  When we went there we found Oliver surfing by himself.  Check him out dropping off one of the bigger waves of the day.

This is last shot of the day, the waves should be about the same size tomorrow.   Please check back with us!!!