Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Hi folks, we've got Lucha here with the surf report for today. After almost 2 weeks with no waves we have a new swell in the water today. It's running about head high to overhead on sets and the wind is offshore. Check it out.

Today we have plenty of good waves out here at Maderas and plenty of foreing surfers. The only local surfer we had out there was Augusto "La Gaviota" Chamorro, here he is getting into a nice barrel.

Los Italianos locos were out today having a fun session in the morning. This is Ricardo with a cool bottom turm.

And his brother Renato was going right. I was forgetting to update the upcoming contest, now the new dates are August 4th and 5th at Popoyo for the big final.

La Panga made it out again to the action. Hey buddy, were you practicing to touch the nouse with your belly? That'll be awesome dude!!!

La Gaviota was going left and getting barreled too. Hey buddy, do you know about the new dates for the contest? It will be August 4th and 5th.

As always nobody respect the only rule we have in Nicaragua to enjoy the waves. Do not take off on anybody please!!

Here is Morgan from Fl taking a nice right, this guy was charging today. He's 14 years old and he was taking some of the biggest sets of the day.

All right guys, that's all for today!!! Lucha is out.

This is Pancho coming in with some Bonus Coverage today. We haven't had real waves in a couple of weeks so we took full advantage today and logged some serious water time. Have a look at these pics and you'll know why. This is Brian Biggs, visiting us from SF, CA - getting into a growler.

How about Fish Captain Matty Tabor from S. FL grabbing one of the best waves of the day and getting drained all the way down the beach. Hey man, sorry we missed most of your wave with the camera, but at least we got this shot!

Carlos Caliente was getting into it too, using the numerous rights to perfect his backside attack. Here he is, slotted.

Yeah, today was one of those days that reminded us of why we live down here. Should be more of the same tomorrow, so check back!