Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Hey everybody, this is Jairo “Come Pan” Panic bringing you a wonderful day down here in Nicaragua.  Today we had this nice family again from California, who has been enjoying the surf lessons the last couple days with us.  So they decided to book us for the rest of the week.  Here we have this group shot of them super stoked after a good surf sesh.

We want to start up the surf lesson with Janet who surfed great out there.  She was catching a bunch of waves in the lineup.  Check her out so excited to ride this wave all the way to the beach.  Good job Janet.

Bowen and Eoin learned how to surf fast.  Today they decided to try a smaller board.  This is Eoin taking off one of the nice waves that he caught by himself.

The waves were perfect today to learn how to surf and hang out to the beach.  Here we have Bowen killing this nice looking right.  Hey you guys, we had a blast on the beach today.  We will see you tomorrow. Everybody check out our ever-growing surfboard selection! We just added a bunch to our quiver! Look under surfboard rentals on the website and skip the baggage claim!

Hi and welcome to the Wednesday surf report.  This is “LUcha Libre” Garcia bringing you all the action from one of my favorite spots to shot.  The swell picked up a little but and we were so stoked to score some bigger waves.  It was chest to shoulder high on sets, the wind was offshore but we had an overcast day including a little bit of rain.  Look forward to see what we got today!!!

The big boys were killing the waves today.  Check out “El Cebollas” with a sweet take off on this nice sizeable wave.

We want to give a special shout out to our friend Juan “Lagos”, he got into town last night and today he jumped out in the water to score some fun waves.  Here he is with a sick off the top.

Sitos, pulling into one of his many barrels of the day.  Today he focused more on the waves, not the girls.

Big Rick “El Juez” felt a little bit sick but did not stop him catching some gnarly waves.  Here he is taking off on a nice left.

Ed “Eduardo” looking for some coverage on this beautiful right.  Nice style my friend!!!

Here we have “El Pinguinito” ready to get shacked.  That’s how his father taught him to do it.

Allen “The Beez” showing the young ones how it’s done.  Walk to the nose dude!!!

This is Leo “Teddy Bear” with a high speed floater.  This is the first time he made it on NSR, so he is super stoked to be famous.  Now he can get more chicks.

“El Presidente” Sauzing was taking a few of the bigger set waves today.  Check him out going big with a late drop on this perfect right.

Here is Don “La Garza” showing his son “El Pinguinito” how to really surf a good and fun wave.  Is the board still riding ok after you dropped it my friend?  Because it looks like it’s riding great!!!

A couple of San Juan del Sur’s kids were able to drive to this beautiful spot and were ripping it up.  This is “El Chispero” Dominguez smacking the lip of this wave.

Alright folks, that’s all for today.  We hope the swell keeps building so we can score some bigger waves for the rest of the week.

Peace and love!!!