Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, July 16, 2009

Welcome everybody to the Thursday surf report.  This is your favorite reporter from one of the sicker spots we have down here in Nicaragua.  The waves were super fun today- running about chest to shoulder high on sets with offshore winds but the we had a  little bit of rain during the morning.  Check out the lineup!!!

The Virginia Crew paddled back out today and enjoyed the beautiful waves we had.  This is Sitos with a deep bottom turn on this right.

“El Presidente” Sauzing with a cool late take off on this nice sizeable left.  He was charging today!!!

Don “La Garza” took out his firewire board and took many fun rights all over the place.  Check him out about to get shack on this one!!!

Juan Lagos was ripping out there.  I was wondering how he does to move that big panga.  Smacking it!!!


Ben “El Pinguinito” killed the waves as always but today he was happier because he made some new local friends.  Good boy, good boy!!!

Bob “El Cebollas” took plenty of fun waves all day long.  Here he is styling on this peeling left.

Here we have Ed “Eduardo” Powers setting up for the barrel section.  Check out your daddy Nick, he’s killing it everyday.

Leo “Teddy Bear” is having a great time on his first vacation down here.  Check out the new words he just learned.  If you ask any Nica boy “How are you?”  They probably are going to response DEACACHINBA!!!

Here we have “The Beez” with the last shot of the crew, drifting one of the cleaner rights of the day.  The waves were small, but every now and then we'd get one of these below-sea-level dredgers.  You the man Beez!!! Special credits to "El Cebollas for taking this photo.

The waves should be about the same tomorrow but we are expecting to have a new swell in the water in the next few days.  Please check back tomorrow.

Today we had the festival of La Virgen del Carmen to bless the fleet of boats in San Juan Del Sur!  Everybody with a boat loaded it up with friends and family and headed out for a ride in the Bay of SJDS.  It's a huge party which will continue throughout the weekend.  Good thing it's Friday Night!

People were going crazy falling out of boats and lighting off fireworks!

Hey! The boats leaving! Lets go! This kid was stoked to be in the water doing backflips off the boat!