Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Hi folks, this is “Lucha Libre” bringing you the action from the beach today with the crew from Orlando Fl.  Today the swell picked up a bit, so the line up was pretty crowded, and there were some pretty fun waves coming through.  Its over head on sets, the wind was off shore and the water was perfect clear for photos.

Here we have a shot of the crew, keeping memories on NSR.  From left to right we have Mike Gehr, Larry Hingle, John Walker and Mike Janacko.  These guys have been having a great time down here in Nicaragua. Unfortunately our friend John had to fly back home today.

This is Larry Hingle taking off on a nice looking left.  He was trying to get a couple of the big sets we had today but there were many people out to fight for waves.

How about our friend Mike Janacko bottom turning a sweet right.  He’s thinking about to stay down here and surf perfect waves everyday.

Mike Gehr is tired after 4 days surfing all day long and today he decided to give it a try and get wet.  Just image to paddle out, just to get wet and score a wave like this one down here in Nicaragua.  Can you believe it?

Andrew “El Guia” Foster was part of the crowd out there today.  He was catching tons of sick waves and was ripping all over the place.  Here he is with a sweet slash.

Here I caught Bill with a hard bottom turn on a sick left.  These guys already scored some good waves and the swell is still picking up for the next days.  Can you believe it?  That’s why everybody wants to stay here for ever.  It that is your case you can get a piece of land from NSR and make your dream comes true for ever.

This is Richard “El Cabro” from Daytona Beach making something not very peaceful to this wave.  This guy was killing it today on every single wave.

I caught this guy here with the last shot of the day waiting to make it through the barrel section.  Alright folks, that’s all for today.  Hope you guys check back with us tomorrow.