Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Hey guys, today NSR surf school brought a nice family to the beach to learn how to surf.  This is one of the students, Eoin so stoked, taking off on one of the good waves that he caught today.  Hey buddy that's a good way to do it!!!

Here's Bowen clowning around having a contest with Eoin on who can make the craziest face. I think we have an obvious winner!

Here is Janet on a wave with a great view! Stoked everyone had a great time!

Carlos "Caliente" was doing a good job at the beach teaching all the skills to be a good surfer.  Here he is with this headstand!!

Hi everyone, we’ve got Roberto “Lucha Libre” Garcia bringing you the action for the Tuesday surf report.  The waves were still pretty small but we still had a good time out there in the water.  It was running about waist to chest high on sets, with offshore winds and the water was clear and warm.  Check it out!!!

We mostly had right handers today to be ridden all over the place.  Look forward to see what we are talking about.  This is Bob “El Cebollas” getting some speed to make it through this fast section.

Don “La Garza” was killing the rights all day long.  He scored plenty of fun waves with his friends.  Check him out showing out some Virginian style.

On the third shot of the day we have Chuck “El Presidente” dropping into another sweet one.  Hey Chuck, your wife should be so proud of you because you are surfing pretty well.

“The Beez” was the only surfer part of the crew that was able to catch some of the few lefts we had out there.  Here he is with a pretty cool shot.

Our very good friend “El Big Duke” took the day off and decided to chill out on the beach with a couple of new Nica friends.  Yes friend, this is what we call “REVOLUTION”.


Jeff “Sitos” Breit picked up the biggest set wave of the day.  What a beautiful wave my friend!!!

Sitos also was having lot of fun with a few friends from Virginia.  Small world uh!!!

Ed “Eduardo” Powers stretched out his muscles doing some yoga this morning and was surfing like a 20 years old boy.  Now I know why Nick surf so well.

This is Ben “El Pinguinito” trying to get shack on the killer right.  He wants to get sick barrels but unfortunately the waves are not big enough to get super shacked.

The waves were not big enough for shortboards so we didn’t have many guys out ripping.  This a little kid we met today on the beach with the last shot of the day.  The waves should be about the same tomorrow so please check back tomorrow.