Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, July 15, 2006

First of all, I'd like to give a big shout out to Roberto and TEAM NICARAGUA down in Costa Rica. Great job in the Contest - You guys Rock!!! (great job to Roberto too for the coverage) Anyway, we wish we were there, but we're not - we're still in California, getting ready to jump down into Mexico and begin our adventure. This is Hot Carl, packing it up in Redondo Bch. Damn, that's a lot of stuff.

On the way out of LA, we saw this place and couldn't resist - Pancho's Tacos. Good food too!

Nine hours and two fill-ups later, we arrived in Sierra Vista, a small Arizona town just north of the Mexico Border. The trip had obvious effects on Hot Carl (or maybe it was the price of gas and the realization that we still have about 3000 miles to go).

Imagine our surprise when the good city of Sierra Vista welcomed NSR with open arms. That just goes to show you the power of the internet. The "Mad Tea" wasn't bad either! Mexico manana...stay tuned.

Back in CR, the TEAM NICARAGUA did a good job in this tournament and we got the second place in CENTRO AMERICA as a best surfing team. We scored so many points to get the second place and we beat Panama, Guatemala and Salvador, thanks so much to everybody who help us to do this a reality. NICE TROPHY NO!! It's still overhead on sets and the wind is onshore.

You know Roque was the only Nica who made it to the quater finals and he get $ 300. Nice job buddy.

Today was my better day in CR, I saw many chicks all day long and my camera was working pretty hard.

Here is a cool shot.

Today we have free surfing heats, It's crazy everybody was flying all over the place. We have Jimmy Rotherhan, Gilber Brown, Luis Vindas among others.

This is Vindas who won this event.

Here is another chick.

This is Jimy with a nice spray.

Jason Torrez, he won the Juniors contest and he gets second place in the open.

The NICA TEAM was hanging out.

Did I say many chicks?

They are enjoying their trophy 'because this is the first time they go to a tournament like this one and they are so proud because they did it good and hopfully Nicaragua will have better oportunities in the future. Check back tomorrow.