Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, July 14, 2016

Hola primos!! Welcome back to the NSR report with Parker. We hopped in a car and surfed a couple spots so make sure you check out today's action!

Conditions were good here (but not perfect). The heavy long lined waves produced a tempting barrel- if you could skirt out in time.

Nikita Panda Bear picked off a gem of a pipe! Despite being a talented grom, the line was too racey.

Bob was an eager early bird this morning too. What's a surf report here without featuring one of Surfari Charter's standout surfers?!?! While you surf, Bob will patiently wait for you to come out of the water.

Auggie Gregory joined us for a couple waves. He procrastinated fixing his flat tire by finding a cylinder of his own. Not a bad idea bro!

The residents here, like Chris Conner, snagged the best waves. Here he is demonstrating his local knowledge.

This spot was fun but it wasn't all time and we wanted to beat the tide. It was tough saying adios to this peeling left but keep scrolling down!!

The beachie close by was going off!! Before Kai and I discussed the game plan, he B-lined it into the line up.

With good reason... Kai, if you want to take your snapchat story to the next level, get a video inside the factory. Then, you won't be able to avoid all the chicas.

Besides being an NSR team rider and a competitive surfer, he's a bright kid with a promising future. Congrats on your acceptance into the advance Aerospace and Nautical program!!

Conditions were head high on sets, glassy, and a beautiful blue color. What more can you ask for?! Epic conditions and the approaching weekend!

While we were goggling eyeing the waves, Pale Rider was destroying the face. The drop is steep and fast so put that energy into your snaps!

Not every wave was throwing. Check out Panda's power.

Bam!!! Representing Florida with force!

Lenny, a local ripper, did not want everybody else to get the limelight. That's why his board is covered in stickers.

Kai doesn't have much open real estate either. NSR, Pit Surf Shop, Lopez Boards, Billabong, and Spy have already pounced on this hungry grom.

Ok damas and caballeros, these chicos made my photography job easy! There's still plenty of sun left so get a session in too. Have a good weekend amigos!!