Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Hello everybody and welcome to the NSR surf report! This is Parker showing you today's action from Codo's boat trip. Procrastinate your morning routine and keep scrolling down!

The swell is staying on the smaller side for the short term. However, the Casa Blanca crew wanted to surf an empty beach by themselves. Mission accomplished!!

Big Ben was one of today's rippers. During his time in Nica Land, he's been surfing and playing golf all day. What more can you ask for??

Luke was also putting on a client for the group. He deserves the waves because he's the mastermind behind this bachelor party.

Here's the bachelor himself: Bencito. He's stoked to be surfing with his boys and more so to get married in two weeks. Congrats bro!!

Robbie is also part of this crew from Florida. Big Ben (in the left foreground) had to duck dive out of Cheek's way because he couldn't afford to get another handful and prime view.

Switching gears for a minute, this group was also part of a water filter distribution program by Surf Fish Serve Ministries. Because the conditions haven't been epic (rainy, cloudy, slight onshore), the guys took an afternoon to help the local community.

Here they are passing out filters to Los Cocos. How much do we take clean drinking water for granted? I admit I unfortunately do...

Everybody say quesooo!!!! Thank you to Alvarro for leading the demonstration, thank you to Surfari Charters for transportation and coordination, and a huge thank you for Surf Fish Serve for hooking up this town with filters!!!

After a little service, the boys were itching to get back to it. Here is Ruben tucking to find a tubito.

He was making all his barrels all morning! He found the windows between the winds to slide under the lip.

Jeff caught the stomach bug the other day so he was still recovering. Props to him because he pounded a Gatorade and said YES I'm going on the boat with y'all!!! Yeah Jeff!!

Unfortunately, Bencito will need more time to recover from Luke's burn though... I heard there will be Wrestlemania on Casa Blanca's third story porch at 9pm to settle their differences...

Luke was shredding though! With Suyen's big delicious burrito in his belly, he had all the energy to make sick carves. NSR meal plan + wheaties for breakfast = bigger turns (right?)

Chad was also on a mission for small tubes. This guy travels all around the world for work so it's awesome to see him relax, unwind, and snag a few waves.

This just in: Big Ben still ripping and enjoying the waves. Being from Florida, these guys are loving the conditions and on it non stop.

Ok damas and caballeros, today was a fun day on the boat! Thank you all for checking the report and stay tuned for some more fun tomorrow. Buenas noches (or buenos dias) amigos!!