Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, July 15, 2016

Hello and good afternoon "primos". We have small waves with good shape in this point break. There are only a few people in the line up and they are beginners. Check it out.

They were missing all the good waves. The high tide is the best for surf. The swell is growing in the next tide, so probably tomorrow we will see better waves.

Some left have a good line for ride and some waves were like this one only with a drop and a corner for made one turn.

If you made couple turns and shape the wave until the inside, the wave take better shappe and get more speed.

This group are friends because they were having party wave. This peak how you can see was super fun. Have only three feet high and was rolling in both ways.

The surfers were practicing the cuts. Some of them were recording videos with a GoPro and in this waves conditions they probably will have some good clips.

And here they are in the party waves. I tought they were fitting, but after a few waves I so they loughing and having a lot party waves. So I figure out they were playing like a good friends and taking videos.

The surf videos are good memories to after comeback home from vacations watching and have fun with all the experience taken. Here the guy with green short is recording the take of his friend. If you are able to made that to you friends, you can spend good time in the water.

this peak is working good after the middle tide. I was surfing there yesterday and was super fun. The wave is breaking close to the beach so its easy to come back to the alienation.

There are six surfer in the water and after itch take a wave there are always a wave empty. Here is the peak how never go flat.

Ok. Its all for today. We are waiting for better waves tomorrow ,so be tuned with the surf report to see what the ocean give. Have fun, Armando Lopez is out.