Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, July 14, 2013

Hola everybody. How were the conditions today? Offshore, heavy (just ask the guy in this photo), and right-dominant. Today's swell came in at head high + on the sets. The size should be going down a bit the next few days, so make sure to rest up and check out all these shots until the next swell comes. Enjoy!

Today had a lot of heavy lips and open barrels. Here is Bryan grabbing his rail on a thicky. Race buddy!

This guy is doing his best to get under this one and avoid an axing. Some visitors had a bit of trouble negotiating the fast drop. Did this guy make it under the lip? ................................. he is walking around headless right now. 

Ok, here is local boy Lester. He is out here everyday and always seems to be in the right spot at the right time. Looks local-knowledge is paying off in this one as he looks to be in the money-spot. You can bet that he came flying out of this one. yeww

There were also some lefts to be had out there. This guy looks like he was tired of seeing right after right, and decided to blow off his steam on this left shoulder. ARGHH

Our friends the Kerson's are new and proud home-owners in the area and have been sheltering a group of young rippers. Here is Kei making the most of a nice-looking left!

Here is Bryan again on one of the bigger lefts that came in. Bryan works down here, and looks like he's enjoying his Sunday off. Yeah buddy!

Big or small, it didn't matter, it was barreling. This guy is right where he wants to be. Get low !

Here we see Pakito del Barrio packing a mean one. Step on the gas and fasten your seat belt dude! 

Daniel from Colombia racing here on his back-hand with his eyes on the prize. Colombia is known for its abundance of well-shaped girls and coffee. Nicaragua is known for its off-shore winds and barrels. Next time you come back, we make a  cultural exchange? 

This is what happens when generations collide. Maybe after this whooping the kid will learn to respect his elders.

Codo Lopez and El Gran Varon Don Simon saying goodbye and thanks for reading! Make sure to check in the following days.