Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, July 14, 2012

We made it in the morning to the beach to see what's going on there.  The waves are still kinda small, winds a little strong offshore and the water nice and warm.  Check it!

We are going to have to go to Rivas for the official open parade but we decided to check the surf before we make it up there.  Everything is already ready to start the first World Surfing Contest in Nicaragua.  A shot of the scene!

A couple of rippers made it out and they were not worried about the size.  Check out this boy from Mexico with a sick frontside slash.

The winds were really blowing for a little bit in the morning but then dropped down.  You can see the texture of this wave and realize how strong the winds were.

The ladies were also doing their things. Check out this one from Japan with a cool off the top.

Police, Red Cross, Army and everyone is ready to make this event safe and nice.  They also got some time to enjoy the action on the beach. 

The little boys were having a blast in the pool.  Check out this one practicing a cool rodeo flip, before he gets in the ocean.

Alright boys, we'll bringinig more action later so stay tuned with us!

And please do not forget to stop by Surfari Beach House this July 20th to celebrate their 10th anniversary.  FREE FLOR DE CAÑA keep in mind!!!

Everybody hit the road in the afternoon and we all made it to RIvas for the big OPENING of the World Master Surf Championship in Nicaragua.  Right before we left we got together the team from Japan and they all were stoked to get some NSR gear.

The Nica Army was heading the parade, making all feel so safe.  They all look super happy to host this contest for first time in Nicaragua.

All the teams started to show up and felt like they were at HOME.  Here is a shot of the scene!

Frenchy boys got pretty excited, looking at all those nica people at the main park in Rivas giving them a nice reception.  Welcome down friends!

Nicaragua had to be part of the show for sure.  A couple of surfers from San Juan del Sur made it up here to represent our country in the parade.  Carlos DeShawn and his brother were part of the crew for the first surfers ever in this country. 

Nica people is well known for their kindness and also because they are super friendly.  Here we got a couple of guys sharing our culture with all the countires that made it down.

All the teams brought down some sands from different beaches all over the world and mixed them all together as a sign of peace.  Now we are all HERMANOS!!!

Did I say BROTHERS?  Check out all the flags waving all over the place.  We think this is the best shot for today's report.

These should be the starting lineups for tomorrow, so you better stay tuned with us and see what happens.  We'll be there for sure, god willing!

Alright boys, I guess it is time to drink some Toñas and chill out.  Right Travis?  You all have a good one boys!