Nicaragua Surf Report for Monday, July 13, 2009

Hi everybody, this is Roberto Lucha Libre Garcia with the Monday surf report.  This is the second day we have with the Virginia crew.  The waves are pretty small but I am still having a really good time with them.  It was running about waist to chest high on sets, with offshore winds and the water was clear and warm.  Check out the lineup!!!

On the first shot of the day we have Allen “The Beez” looking down the line on this beautiful left hander.  The Beez was taking plenty of fun waves all day long.

“El Cebollas” took his big panga out as well and was doing every kind of good maneuvers on it.  Here he is pushing the breaks expecting to get through a barrel section on this right.

Rick “El Juez” paddled out and was able to get a few of the better set waves of the day.  Check him out taking off on a sweet wave.

The waves were not that big today but there were many long rides.  This is our really good friend Jeff “Sitos” picking up a nice looking right.

Ed got hit by his board today but fortunately the Powers have hard head.  He’s doing good!!!

Later on, Ed paddled back out and caught some really fun waves.  Here he is drifting this little nugget all the way in.

“El Big Duke” or maybe I should say El Revolution grabbed his board and made it out with the big boys.  He had a blast in the water with all his friends.

“El Presidente” picked up a couple of the bigger set waves of the day.  This is one of the biggest set waves of the day but it doesn’t looks like that because he is about 6 feet tall.


On the last shot of the crew we have Don “la Garza” bottom turning a sweet right.  Good work folks!!!

A couple guys were trying to surf on a really big panga.  Luckily they missed this drop.

There were a few guys ripping it up today.  Here we have this shot of this unknown rider with a sweet floater shot from a nice perspective.

La Bestia was able to make it out to this beautiful spot but unfortunately, he was taking off on everybody waves today. This guy is making the best of a bad situation with a nice SCHWACKKK off of Rex's foamball. C'mon Rex, we know you know better than that. if you want respect, you have to give respect.

Michael Jackson just died a few days ago and there are many guys still trying to imitate his classic moves.

That’s all for today folks.  Please check back tomorrow.